You can see the trend. But you can never predict correctly (most of the time).

I am using the USD as the base currency for all other currencies and all the currency rates are normalized so that they all start at 0. This is to make them comparable to each other and be plotted into the same chart.

How to Interpret This Chart?

Since all the currency rates have the USD as their base currency and all of them are normalized, their movement is relative to each other and in the same proportion independent of the USD. In other words, what you see on the chart can be interpreted as the "intrinsic" value of the currencies (comparing to the value of the USD which is a "constant" in our case) that evolves over time.

For example, if you see the moving rate of a currency X is going up in the chart, it means that the currency's intrinsic value has gone up since you can exchange for more USD using the same amount of the currency X. In this case, we can say that the trend of the value of the currency X is going strong and vice versa.


Disclaimer: The above information has no scientific prove and is based solely on the author's imagination. Hence, don't use this info to make your investment decisions.

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